Beginner Triathlete Swim Lessons

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Team Next Level: Beginner's Breakthrough 

10 Sessions to Pool Confidence and Lap Comfort for Novice Swimmers

We get it, most of us were not competitive swimmers growing up. We can get around in a pool and not drown, but swimming 1 lap feels like you just ran a marathon! If you feel the same way, then this program is for you!

In our 10 session program (45 minutes 1 on 1), you will learn the following which will kickstart your journey into the sport of triathlon!

1. Water Comfort:
- Getting comfortable in the water
- Gradual adjustment to submersion

2. Breath Control:
- Learning to exhale underwater
- Practicing rhythmic breathing

3. Freestyle Stroke Basics:
- Proper arm extension and pull
- Basic bilateral breathing techniques

4. Floating and Streamlining:
- Floating on the water's surface
- Achieving a streamlined body position

5. Introduction to Lap Swimming:
- Gradual introduction to lap swimming
- Learning pool etiquette and sharing lanes

Lessons are held at the Bethany Community Center, located at 605 Pascack Road, Township of Washington, NJ. Monthly swim memberships are $25:  Sign Up Here.

Meet the Coach

Coach Greg Kiss

Meet Coach Greg Kiss, a seasoned swimmer and dedicated coach with a rich aquatic journey. Born and raised in Hungary, Coach Kiss took his first strokes at the age of 6, setting the tone for a lifelong connection with the water.

His formative years were spent in a sport-accredited elementary school, where daily swim practices were seamlessly integrated into the curriculum. At 10, Coach Kiss joined Coach Jozsef Nagy's elite program, facing rigorous training that only fueled his passion for swimming through high school.

Coach Kiss earned his stripes as a multiple-time Age Group Champion in the 200 IM and 200 freestyle. Yet, his most cherished memory remains his 6th place finish in the 200 IM at the Hungarian Open National Swimming Competition at the age of 14.

After graduating high school, Coach Kiss moved to the United States with his family. He married his wife, Anita, and together they're raising two sons who share their father's love for swimming.

From 2014 to 2021, Coach Kiss took on diverse coaching responsibilities at the Wyckoff YMCA, from beginners in the intro program to guiding Junior National qualifiers. He also served as Assistant Coach for two years at Ramapo High School. Currently, Coach Kiss brings his expertise to the Scarlet Aquatics NJ Wave swim team as the Assistant Coach, further contributing to the development of young swimmers.

Beyond swimming, Coach Kiss extended his passion to water polo, establishing and leading a club for teens and adults at the Wyckoff YMCA.

Coach Kiss is eager to share his love for swimming and contribute to the growth of the sport. His coaching philosophy revolves around nurturing a genuine appreciation for swimming in the hearts of his swimmers. Join Coach Kiss on a journey where dedication meets practical skill, and the joy of swimming is the ultimate goal.